2018 Spring Newsletter

Stay in the know! Catch up on highlights of recent ECE videos and news stories.

IEEE Undergraduate Chapter Winter Banquet

Interview with Meghan Booker, president of the IEEE Undergraduate Chapter of The Ohio State University. The student organization held another successful Winter Banquet event which featured speaker Daniel Recker of AEP.

ECE 2017 Autumn Graduating Class and Interviews

We congratulated the 2017 Autumn Graduating Class of The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The Ohio State University. Filmed in the Numbers Garden public arts display outside Dreese and Caldwell labs.

Graduate School Video Series: Mary Scherer, BS/MS Student

In this edition, we talk to BS/MS student Mary Scherer about coming from northern Ohio and expanding upon her family’s longstanding ECE legacy.

Graduate School Video Series: Chengcheng Yao, PhD Student

n this edition, we talk to Center for High Performance Power Electronics (CHPPE) PhD student Chengcheng Yao who is in his final year before heading out for a new industry career in California.

Yuan Zheng Retirement

Respected internationally for his groundbreaking innovations in robotics and humanoid development, Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) professor Yuan Zheng announced his retirement from The Ohio State University this month. Read the full story.

ECE Night, 2018

The event allows pre-major students, or students new to the major, the opportunity to ask education-based or career-based questions to a panel of five EE/ECE Alumni Society members; including event mediator Bradley Clymer, a society member and ECE associate professor. Learn more.

Buckeyes in the News: Stephanie Domas

The Columbus Dispatch recently featured alumna Stephanie Domas who is a a medical device hacker for Battelle. Read the full story.

Buckeyes in the News: Joe Blundo

Professor John Kraus and the Big Ear radio telescope was the centerpiece of a recent Columbus Dispatch article about a new documentary on the search for extraterrestrials. Read the full story.








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