Feb. 21: Famed Ohio State STEM outreach brought virtually!

The Ohio State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is fortunate to have a STEM outreach all-star in Professor Betty Lise Anderson. Her efforts to create, supply and facilitate short, hands-on projects have exposed tens of thousands of children across the globe to the wonders of science and engineering principles to spark their understanding and interest in STEM.

While these projects are usually facilitated in person, the Ohio State Electrical Engineering/Electrical and Computer Engineering (EE/ECE) Alumni Society wants to bring virtual presentations to your home! We’d like to introduce your kids and grandkids (fourth graders and above) to fundamental electromagnetic and electrical principles by having them create, at home with our virtual guidance, a Jumping Jack and Speaker. During the construction of these activities, we’ll explain the underlying scientific and engineering principles in a manner that kids will understand. This event is perfect if you have children who’d be interested in a hands-on engineering project that they can do themselves.

The EE/ECE Alumni Society will work in conjunction with Professor Anderson to:

  • Gather the core materials needed for these projects and send them to your home (shipping available within the United States only)
  • Provide a simple parts list that you will need to acquire (e.g. common batteries)
  • Host a Zoom call during a weekend afternoon/morning to walk kids through the projects (parent participation encouraged!)

Two sessions are currently scheduled for February 21 at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. EST. Space is limited. Please sign up by February 5.

Although these sessions are intended for individual families, we’re willing to discuss expanding to larger groups such as a Scouts troop or robotics team. Please contact Mark Morscher at markmorscher@gmail.com for inquiries about larger groups. We’re also open to teaching you how to host and facilitate your own sessions.

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