Get to know your alumni: Julia White

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
Grad Year: 2016
Focus: Power
Company and Role: Systems Studies Engineer at Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

What inspired or led you to study Electrical/Computer Engineering?
I always enjoyed math and science courses in high school. I was also inspired by my dad’s career choice, which is in the power quality area of electrical engineering. The trips to his office sparked my interest from a young age.

What is one thing you love about your job/career choice?
I love being able to solve “puzzles” all day and the option to do my job remotely. As a studies engineer, I enjoy running simulations that allow me to visualize power systems and observe cause and effect of interesting new grid configurations.

What is your favorite memory at Ohio State, engineering-related or not?
My favorite memory was my first football game day at Ohio State. As an out-of-state student, I had never been on campus for a game. Waking up to all of the pre-game excitement that first Saturday is something I will never forget. This isn’t exactly a memory, but one of my favorite things about Ohio State was how many options are at your fingertips. I was able to major in engineering, minor in dance, and still be part of several social groups. I loved attending a school where I could pursue two interests as different as engineering and dance and feel such a strong sense of community in both.

What advice do you have for Ohio State students and new grads?
Don’t be discouraged if you find that a certain area of engineering or a given company is not for you. One great thing about engineering is how broad it is, even within the various types of engineering. There are so many more options than you realize. You could be an electrical engineer and design circuits or systems or handle quality control or manufacturing or sales. Also, take advantage of the huge Ohio State network. There are always Buckeyes nearby who might be able to connect you to an opportunity that is a better fit. Just start looking early because you’ll be surprised how many opportunities you come across!

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