Get to know your alumni: Katie Lenz

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Grad Year: 2021

Focus: B.S. Electrical Engineering

Pet Projects/Research/Hobbies: I have a published invention disclosure through HP Inc.: “SHARED USB-A, USB-C POWER AND CHARGING ECOSYSTEM BASED ON DEVICE LANDSCAPE”.

I was also a speaker at the Society of Women Engineers WeLocal Conference in Albuquerque in February of 2022 with OSU ’22 ME alum Bridgette Wadge. We spoke on “Affording Adulthood: Building Financial Awareness as a Young Adult.”

Company and Role: Electrical Hardware Design Engineer at HP Inc.

What inspired or led you to study Electrical/Computer Engineering?

Growing up, I wanted to be an inventor. I would sit at the dining room table and draw up all of these “smart” objects that I wanted to prototype one day. I was also fascinated by building circuits when I was given a snap electronics kit in elementary school and could build a circuit that powered a small wind turbine by a battery or a solar panel.

What is one thing you love about your job/career choice?

I love that HP supports me in multiple of my passions. Not only do I get the opportunity to design and validate premium Workstation computer motherboards as my core job function, but I also am encouraged to create IP, lead small card PCA development, and I volunteer as the HP Society of Women Engineers Talent Attraction Co-Lead. I also love that my role at HP allows me to touch all aspects of the Workstation development cycle from specification creation, schematic and layout capture, validation and debugging in the lab, release to market, etc.

What is your favorite memory at Ohio State, engineering related or not?

My favorite memory at Ohio State was attending conferences with the Society of Women Engineers at Ohio State. These conferences allowed me to network with other women in engineering, hear inspiring testimonies, complete professional development, and learn more about different engineering industries, and connect me with companies that don’t typically recruit at Ohio State. Something about stepping off campus allowed me to reflect more on my goals and career path and not just focus on the next exam. 

What advice do you have for Ohio State students and new grads?

For current students, definitely take advantage of all the resources OSU has to offer. Ask ECS about how to evaluate and negotiate your offer package and look for student organizations that offer project teams, resume reviews, or mock interviews. This can help you put your best foot forward as you look for internships and full-time positions. For new grads, try to get engaged within the company beyond just your role. You can do valuable networking and build a work support system if you attend work-hosted events or join an employee resource group.

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