EE/ECE Alumni Series: Vivek Chhabria

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him

Grad Year: 2016

Focus: B.S. Electrical Engineering, Minor in Entrepreneurship. MBA from Kellogg School of Management

Pet Projects/Research/Hobbies: Don’t have any engineering projects, but while in my MBA I discovered a love for long distance endurance training and completed my first Ironman. I try to treat my training like an engineering problem aiming to use as much data as possible and optimize every factor (nutrition, recovery, training, etc.,) to maximize my performance. Also, I’m pursuing my ICF Coaching Accreditation to help others achieve their goals either personally or professionally.

Company and Role: Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company

What inspired or led you to study Electrical/Computer Engineering?

Growing up I always “nerded” out over consumer electronics. I religiously watched CNET after school each day even for products that I wasn’t trying to purchase. Coming to college I was eager to understand how these products really worked.

What is one thing you love about your job/career choice?

While at times I miss the technical side of engineering, I do love the work I get to do in management consulting because of the scale of impact, opportunities for growth, and the relationships with amazing people. At McKinsey, we get to work with some of the largest, most influential organizations in the world on some of the most challenging strategic and operational problems. Every day I get to help clients solve these problems using advanced technologies such as speech analytics or AI-enabled process insight tools. My passion is helping organizations design their “future of work”. Not just how they should operate using the latest technology, but also ensuring they have the right talent with the right skills to support their organization’s mission and objectives. At McKinsey, I’ve had the chance to work across different industries including supporting various social impact organizations. The work has led to developing incredibly meaningful relationships both with our clients and colleagues (now close friends) across the world.

What is your favorite memory at Ohio State, engineering related or not?

Fundraising millions of dollars for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. One of my favorite parts of my college experience was being involved with BuckeyeThon. It was here that I met some of my closest friends, learned to grow a social impact organization, and found my passion for helping others. I would highly encourage any current students to participate at the annual dance marathon.

What advice do you have for Ohio State students and new grads?

For Ohio State ECE students and new graduates, I’d encourage you to consider a career in management consulting. While it may feel like you aren’t applying the direct content curriculum from the classroom, the problem-solving techniques you learned in your internships and during your lab exercises are a differentiated skillset that are super applicable in the business world. Please feel free to reach out if you’re interested in pursuing a career in consulting, considering an MBA, or if there is anything else that I can help with. Always happy to help a fellow Buckeye.


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