Beginning in 2012, The Ohio State University EE/ECE Alumni Society instituted an activity fee of $20 per calendar year.*  Note that all alums of the EE/ECE Department are members of the society without a membership fee, and are welcome to participate in most society events without paying the activity fee; however, there are several advantages for members to pay the annual fee:

  • Qualify for the football ticket lottery for Homecoming Weekend  games each fall. Alums can participate in other Homecoming Weekend events without paying the activity fee.
  • Discounted price for any charges at other Society events.
  • Discounted price for any Society merchandise (coming soon).

The activity fee duration is based on the calendar year, so activity fees paid in 2016 expire Dec. 31, 2016.  Renewal of the activity fee is required for society members to qualify for items above during the 2017 calendar year.

The income from the activity fee will be used as funds to help the operation of the Society and as seed money to help sponsor new events for the society.

Donate Now

*Great news! Our annual activity fee will now count towards your OSUAA sustaining membership requirement, plus it is completely tax deductible.  Simply use the button above and pay your $20 annual EE/ECE Alumni Society activity fee there for it to qualify. 

You can also choose to give to any of the Society’s scholarship funds (312547, 312548, 312549) and any amount you give there will also be tax deductible and will count towards your OSUAA required sustaining membership minimum of $75.  For a full explanation of the OSUAA new membership model, visit the OSUAA site.