The society is proud to announce that for the 2019-20 year it awarded scholarships totaling $34,650 to 65 students!

  • Endowed alumni: 3 awards for $2200
  • Alumni Ohio residents: 3 awards for $2750
  • Alumni nonresidents: 4 awards for $5750
  • ECE Current-use scholarship fund: 74 awards for $16,950

As a whole, the ECE Department awarded 222 scholarships totaling $336,120.

Funds that are donated by alumni help provide student scholarships and we welcome your continued, generous support of these scholarships.

Any donations made to EE/ECE scholarship funds (312547, 312548, 312549) will count towards your OSUAA Sustaining Membership ($75/year), and any amount you give is completely tax deductible.

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Recommended funds
EE/ECE Alumni Society General Operating Fund (314165)
Endowed Scholarship Fund (601928)
Ohio Residents Scholarship Fund (312547)
Nonresident Scholarship Fund (312548)
Graduate Fellowship Fund (312549)
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